Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother's Day

I actually thought about not posting this particular blog entry. I thought maybe that I should try to use this opportunity to showcase a few new crafts for Mother's Day, but as much as I want to do that, I couldn't stop thinking about my own mom and that it's really because of her that I started crafting in the first place. It all started off with project books and making ornaments for Christmas. She was into making dolls, wreaths and everything crochet. I always admired her for her crafting talent. Her crafting gene successfully passed to me and now I happily share my creations with others. So as a tribute to my own mother for this Mother's Day, I thought I would share with all of you why my mother is the greatest mother in the whole wide world!

Now Mother's Day is just a couple days away and I haven't thought about what to get my own Mother. I keep making and selling things for other people to give to their mothers yet I haven't really stopped to think what I was going to do for my own. She already has everything, and of course, I have to work on Mother's Day. So what do I do?

Admittedly, I'm not a great daughter. My mother and I fought when I was a kid...a lot. We never got along. Maybe it was just one of those mother-daughter things where we were just never meant to have peace among each other. I know that this fighting happens between parents and their kids quite often, but it hurts just the same. I'm not a parent, but from what I've witnessed from other parents out there, the job isn't easy. My mother and I would fight over things like my grades (I was an A student, by the way), my room, chores, painting my nails and wearing makeup. We would even fight over things like me wanting to quit ballet lessons when I was twelve and how much I wasn't practicing with my piano.

But when I got older, the fights became more about my friends, and what I was doing and where I was going, boys, driving, and all the other things that a parent would fight about with their teenager. The fights were that much worse as I got older and learned how to turn the tables on her. Instead of her always picking on me I realized that she had plenty of faults of her own that I could throw right back at her. What can I say, my mother was a great fighter and I learned from the best.

But my mother doesn't back down. She's was always ready for a good fight. I fought with her right up until the time I moved out of the house and got married. I always thought that she was just this horrible person who wanted nothing more than to make my life miserable.

Oh how wrong I was. I can feel the tears welling in my eyes as I think about all the horrible things I have done and said to my mother: the time when I realized I was too old to hold my mothers hand, ignoring her when she came to visit me at school, making faces behind her back, talking bad about her to my friends, calling her names, slamming the door in her face, hurting her feelings and just being a bratty daughter in general. Never once did I ever take the time to think about how I was making my mother feel when I would fight with her.

It has taken me until now, now that I am married and thinking about having children of my own, what my mother had to endure raising a little brat like me. She was only hard on my grades because she wanted me to do well and be smart, she wanted me to practice ballet and piano so I could have the opportunity to learn new things, and she wanted to know where I was because she cared about me and didn't want me hurt.

To this day, my relationship with my mother is far from perfect. We still have a little fight left in us, but I've learned to let most of it go. I figure it's easier loving her for who she is, rather than wasting time picking on all of her faults. She's still my greatest supporter. She sends customers over to my store every chance she gets and we've made it a point to have our nails done together once a month. I even suffer a Saturday night once in a while to play bingo with her. It may not sound like much but I try to take every opportunity I can to spend time with my mother. I appreciate my mother so much more now than I ever have and I love her very much.

So I may not know what I'm getting my mom this year, but I know that I would not trade her for anything. She's the best mom ever... that's right ever... and maybe for Mother's Day, that's exactly what I'll tell her. I can't see her arguing with me on that one :)

And as a reminder...while I'm going on about appreciating mom's and all, don't forget to remember grandmas, sisters, aunt's, godmothers, friends, in-laws and all the mother's out there. All mom's deserve a little extra love once in a while.

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